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  1. One Time $50 Set Up Fee
  2. $25 Optional Monthly Artificial Intelligent Credit Monitoring Service**
  3. Incredible Positive Credit Building Activity that Reports Monthly to the Credit Agencies!*

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*Pay Your Bills On-Time or Earlier Every Month, while using the Secure Refresh VISA. Try not to utilize more than 30% of the limit or pay it off once or more each month and watch your credit score improve. We’ve seen a serious positive growth in credit scores after 100 days and every 12 months consecutively when people responsibly use their credit card.

** Credit Monitoring is an optional subscription service we offer that will allow you to check your credit score as often as you like, without damaging your credit score, it will give you suggestions how to improve your credit, verses applying for credit without knowing where your credits score is at and how its gradually improving or deteriorating.