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Good Credit Or Bad Credit

How to Qualify For A Loan

If you can show at least a $2000 per month income before taxes you can qualify for no payments for 6 months with zero down.

if you have a good credit rating we can deal with a normal bank and negotiate the lowest interest rate possible. Average rate is 4.9% but it can be lower. If you have a bad credit rating we use alternate financial institutions. The average rate in that case is about 10% but can be higher if you have had a bankruptcy or a vehicle repossessed. But even in those cases we can still get you a loan.

You can do this all online with answers by text or email. We can deliver a vehicle to your residence anywhere in BC. Just fill out our easy 1 minute form

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Calculate Using Approximate Credit Score

Click on the link below for a fast easy calculation of your monthly payment.

You can get financing for your vehicle anywhere in BC. From Prince Rupert to Vancouver, we do it all online and deliver to you

Perfect Payments For 1 Year?

If you haven't missed a payment for 1 year or longer you are eligible to renegotiate your loan at a lower interest rate.

Banks want your business. They can only make money by loaning out money. They would be out of business if they couldn't loan to you.

They prefer customers who pay on time and who are low risk.
In order to keep that type of customer they will offer a lower rate.

Our Form Pre-Qualifies You

Instead of spending a lot of time getting documents together to prove your income just spend 2 minutes filling out our form.

Free, No Obligation Pre-Qualification

By answering a few, simple, non-invasive questions our team of experts can determine if you likely qualify for the loan amount you need for the dream car you want.
There is no cost or obligation to be pre-qualified.

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