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  • Best finance terms available with the lowest interest rates in the automotive industry
  • We have 24 years of experience working with every possible credit situation.
  • Good Credit? – We can get you a better rate than the banks will usually offer.
  • Bruised Credit?  – Banks will give you a hard time. Avoid the hassle.
  • Bad Credit? –  Don’t bother with the banks.  This our specialty.

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No Payments for 6 months

What Our Clients Have to Say

March 2015
When you find a credit professional that helps you when you are at your lowest and stands by you to the end – PRICELESS!!
This is the 3rd car that I have bought from Robert…..starting at 29.5% in his Credit Re Builder program buying a 2005 Chrysler 300. Then I moved into a 2010 300 and now just bought my 2014 300C AWD!
Call me and I will share my enjoyable relationship with Robert and how he has helped me build my credit in purchasing cars….but also in life!
You gotta go see him
James Ion – Burnaby

Sept 2014
When you walk into a restaurant and it is packed with people….you know the food is good, right….
When I showed up for my appointment to see Mr. Taggart….the showroom was packed with people to see one person only….Mr. Taggart…..
I have bought a lot of vehicles in my life and have never witnessed such a large crowd of people waiting to see one individual to purchase a vehicle…..if I did not witness it, I would not believe it…..
Right then and there, I realized I found someone special that is obviously doing something right.
When I finally got the privilege to meet Mr. Taggart and  the professional approach he outlays in showing exactly what he can do and how he builds a personal portfolio of customers for life….it was an easy decision for me.
I drove home in my 2009 Chev Equinox and tell everyone about Robert, Avery, Edward and staff.
My Car guy for life is Robert Taggart – BIG THANKS!
Go see these guys, you will not be disappointed….you may need to wait awhile to see Robert, but ALL good things in life are worth waiting for!
Phil Wilkes

July 2014
When Robert asked me if I would write a testimonial about my purchase experience for his company. It was a BIG yes!
I truly filled out over a dozen applications looking for that 7 passenger vehicle and got no where. Rob Taggart was the only one who stayed in touch with me while I work in a camp.
Being a father of 4 kids it is important that I have a 7 passenger vehicle.
Living in Kamloops it is also important that I have a SUV
Robert worked with me patiently over several weeks and found us the perfect 2010 Dodge Journey. The kids love the DVD player and my wife enjoys the Sun Roof and I enjoy the fact that I found my finance man for life – Robert Taggart!
Great experience, Superb service, Fantastic vehicle!
Our family story
Gordon Fryer
250 376-5915

July 2014
My story begins a year ago when I met Robert at his previous employers. My credit was completely broken and I was having NO luck in finding anyone who would help me purchase a reliable vehicle. I was driving a very old van that I could no longer trust. Being a single Mom, reliable transportation is the utmost of importance. I met Rob Taggart and he did what no other car dealer could do and helped me into a 2009 Pontiac G5.
I received a letter from Robert in the spring telling me that he had opened his own finance company. My twelve months were coming up in the credit re-builder program and I called Robert to get together.
Long story short….he did exactly what he promised and I am now the HAPPY owner of my 2012 Chrysler 200
I went from 29.9% to 16.5% in one year and my car payment is exactly the same!!
If you are looking for a true professional that does exactly what he says – you need to go see Robert.
This is my story and I welcome you to call me to hear more
Go see Robert!
 Brandi Gadon
778 245-1469

Car Loan Financing in Langley, BC

Easy Car and Truck Financing

We know all about getting a car loan that is a custom fit for you.  We have helped thousands of people get past their current credit situations. We started over 25 years ago and that was way before the Internet even got popular.  The basic principles involved in getting a loan have basically remained the same for all those years.

Speedy Secured Loan Results

The difference between now and this is that the technology now exists to get applications pushed through banking institutions and approved at the speed of light.  We have the process down to a fine art.  It means almost immediate loan approval, usually on the same day you apply so you can visit us to pick out a vehicle.  Just click the big red button on this page or even better fill out the full page application form. There is no obligation and you have nothing to lose. You get to find out at the speed of email about you car loan approval and for the amount you have been approved.

Guaranteed Results

West Coast Auto Credit will help anyone with any credit situation to buy the cars or truck of their dreams at the best credit terms  and interest rates within the Canadian banking institutions. When it comes to automotive financing, we are British Columbia’s best!

When you are in our care you will have online access to a choice of hundreds of vehicles within your budget and with highly flexible financing options for your own personal credit situation.

100% Guaranteed Results – We will make sure that you get the best deal for your choice of vehicle and we will do whatever it takes to get you into a vehicle fast. Bad credit does not mean bad service.

We Finance Poor Credit

This website was built to make it easy for Canadians who wished to finance their  purchase on a car or truck but were stumped when trying the usual methods on getting a loan. We work with ANYONE who has to finance their purchase no matter what their credit score is like. Helping thousands of people in British Columbia and Alberta get their choice of vehicle is what we do while maintaining the highest security, customer service and privacy.

Call today for more information or fill out our easy vehicle loan application 604-510-5556

Langley Bad Credit Auto Loan Car Buying Tips 

The majority of people require a car for transport to work, family celebrations, school, and various other functions of life. Few people have the opportunity to consider a vehicle as a luxury item. And, while the majority of people view a car as a necessity, some may have to struggle to make that purchase. A portion of this struggle may be due to a less than perfect credit report. For these circumstances, there are  car or truck loans available for people with poor credit. Below are some pointers to help get you a loan.

Develop a new bank loan savings account

The goal of getting a car loan, aside from obtaining a vehicle, is to aid in reestablishing your credit rating. However, you cannot accomplish this if you default on the financing. For that reason, it is important to ensure you have enough money to pay your existing bills and the extra auto loan by putting away some cash in advance. In addition, the more cash you have to put down on the car, the lower the loan and risk to the creditor will be which will be good for you.

Figure out your credit rating and have records of this information

Many people enter a dealership to invest in a car and do not know their own credit history. They trust the dealer to obtain that data and honestly report it. However, if you are not aware of your credit score prior to talking with a dealer, you leave room to be fooled into spending more cash and accepting a lot higher rate of interest. With knowledge, you become an enlightened buyer and become less likely to be screwed by the dealership and financial companies.

Do not give in to hard to believe advertising campaigns from dealerships.

Car dealers are in the profession of profiting. And those dealing in bad credit loans know they take on more liability, so they are seeking to sell a lot higher interest rate to the car buyer. Their advertisements are meant to attract prospective customers and draw you in and after that easily sell you something more profitable for themselves, such as unnecessary extras and endless fees. Don’t succumb to the extras just because they exist. Your objective is to just buy something you like today and won’t deteriorate in the foreseeable future. Once you have made on time repayments for a year you will most likely be able to trade in this newly acquired car for something even better and get a loan at a much lower rate of interest.

Understand your options. Do your online research.

Again, it is crucial that you are an enlightened purchaser when looking for a bad credit vehicle loan. As with any other transaction, you are not the only individual with a poor credit rating looking for an auto loan,  you have alternatives. Look into several dealerships and financing institutions before you decide. For a trustworthy and guaranteed bad credit auto loan, discover your alternatives at West Coast Auto Credit.